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What Does Ich on Fish Look Like?

What Does Ich on Fish Look Like? “Ich” is one of the more common sicknesses or parasites that fish can get. Depending on how quickly it is caught, it can be simple to treat it. The earlier it is found, the better chance the fish has to recover. The later it is found, the less chance for the fish’s survival. These are the most noticeable signs of ich: White specks that look like grains of salt on your fish’s fins Cloudiness on their fins (fins should be clear – cloudiness shows that something is on them) A dull haze on the skin, it could even look like there is dust on the skin Cloudy blob on the eyeball, or clouded eyes, in general Lazy behavior, from tired to lethargic Refusing to eat – sometimes it will see and even approach the food, but it won’t eat Be careful. Some of [...]

Why Are There Parasites in Aquariums?

Parasites and Aquariums… How do they get in there? At some point while you have an aquarium, you will probably have to deal with a parasite. It happens. There are many ways that parasites get into aquariums, and likewise, there are many ways to fight them, and there are things you can do to keep them from coming in in the first place. When they do come in, and when they are caught early, they can usually be eliminated. Just like fleas… If you have a dog or a cat, chances are that you are already familiar with dealing with parasites. It doesn’t matter what you do, somehow, some way, fleas end up on your pet and/or in your home. Parasites on fish work the same way. They can already be on/in the fish when they are collected from the ocean, picked up while being shipped, at a wholesaler, a [...]

The Second Parasite Wave: Eggs

Parasite Eggs If you have a parasite and get rid of it, you need to be ready for a second outbreak. Knowing about it in advance, you should prepare for it. Be ready to treat it, or you may even be able to prevent it from happening at all. A very strong way to make this happen is to completely stop the life cycle of the parasite. It may be done with water treatments, changing the quality an parameters of the water, or any of a number of other methods. To illustrate, look at what happens when your home gets infested with fleas: You call in an exterminator They use their chemicals and tools to treat your home Fleas are gone Fleas reappear in a few weeks What happened? Didn’t they kill the fleas? Yes… but they didn’t kill the eggs left behind. As the eggs hatch, they start reappearing, [...]

Preventing Parasites in Aquariums

Preventing parasites in aquariums Preventing parasites in fish is as simple as keeping you fish healthy and strong. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy, because there are many things that can go wrong in the process. A fish’s immune system is directly related to the amount of stress it experiences. When a fish gets stressed, its immune system gets weakened, and it is a lot less able to fight off diseases or keep parasites from becoming active. Here are four steps that you can follow to help keep you fish’s immune system strong: Keep your aquarium and water quality consistent The majority of parasite outbreaks that we get called about come shortly after a major change got made to the aquarium. Most of these involve the temperature of the water, especially as the seasons change. Temperature changes are very stressful for fish, and heaters and chillers need to be in [...]

How Do I Avoid Putting a Sick Fish into My Aquarium?

Pay attention to any fish that you are considering bringing home into your tank. There are a few things that you should look for when choosing a fish: Active swimming Natural behavior. Some fish tend to stay in one place on the bottom or a rock, such as wrasses and hawkfish. Watch for lethargic signs. Eating healthily Clear eyes with no blurriness Clean, round fins without scarring, nip marks, or missing membranes Abnormal spots on the fish There are many other things to look for, but they are usually subtle, and hard for an untrained eye to spot. A fish can make its way through several systems before it gets to your aquarium. A 14 day quarantine lets mot problems surface so that you can get them treated and not added to your aquarium until they are completely cured. Several of our clients ask us to pick their fish for [...]

Disease Control and Prevention

Sickness is one of those things that is going to happen at some time or another. Sick fish end up in aquariums through several ways. Sometimes a sick fish moves in, or a new fish catches a disease that is already in the tank but not showing symptoms on any of the current fish. The move can get a fish stressed, lowering the immune system and making them more prone to getting sick. Creating a stress-free environment A stable environment is essential to a stress-free environment. The water quality needs to be right, and the better it stays, the less stress the tank will have. You also need to keep the peace in the tank. Every fish has general guidelines for what fish it should and should not be housed with. Beyond that, each fish has its own personality and may break “the rules.” You can have a rogue fish [...]

How do I Stop Algae In My Aquarium?

The quick and simple answer to this question is: Stop feeding it. After all is said and done, algae is a plant. Every type of algae is a plant. They consume and eat the same stuff that all other plants consume and eat: Fertilizer… with all of its ingredients, including Phosphates and Nitrates. If you can remove Phosphates and Nitrates from your system, then the algae have nothing to eat, and they leave your tank after time. Removing nutrients from your aquarium more quickly Chemical Filtration There are chemicals that have been shown to remove Phosphates. While they can be very effective, they do not remove everything on their own. Protein Skimmers These machines can take a lot of waste out of a tank. You will be amazed at how much brown to black liquid/mud can be produced by an aquarium that otherwise looks clear. Water Changes This is the [...]